got RocketDock?

I've gotten used to the MacOS style of navigation. And I like the concept of having your 'hot' programs 'docked' on your screen - some what like the quicklaunch you get with Windows. Well, not really.

So RocketDock gives you the dock-like features you'd get in the MacOS. It takes quite a bit of getting used to, but the fancy features that RocketDock comes with makes it worth the install. RocketDock also helps give you the ability to customize pretty heavily, so that's pretty sick.  


Check it out, yo.

Now playing in my head : "Stolen" by "Dashboard Confessional"

PS: Have you checked out "imeem"?

Comments (3)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Docks like this look cool and all, but I still find the Windows taskbar to be far superior in functionality. You get to see the title of the program you’re going to before you move your mouse over it, you have application grouping, the system tray, and with Vista, live previews.

    I really don’t see how a dock could begin to be sufficient when I routinely have Outlook with 4 e-mails open, 2-3 remote desktop sessions, 2-3 command prompts, 3 or 4 Windows Explorer windows, Photoshop, Notepad, Visual Studio, 2 instances of Eclipse, 10 Internet Explorer windows, 12 SAP instances, and 2 instant messengers running all at once…

    Maybe I’m just missing something, so I’m curious what advantages you would say a dock gives you other than looking pretty?

  2. Anand Iyer says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    The dock isn’t necessarily supposed to be a replacement to the taskbar, its meant to be complementary. That’s how I use it. I’d like to think of the dock as an alternative to the quicklaunch thingie however. With the number of applications that I like to launch ‘quickly’, my quicklaunch captures a lot of area on the taskbar, something I don’t like. With RocketDock, the dock is always there, in my case, at the bottom of my screen. So even if I’m in Outlook or IE, and I suddenly want to launch another app, all I’d have to do is switch focus to the bottom of the screen.

    And it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty 🙂 If you’re a Mac user, it gives you a similar interface on Windows.


  3. Ja says:

    What the heck do you have all those windows open for anyway?! There are more efficient ways of doing these things, such as tabbed browsing in Mozilla Firefox.

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