my best friend’s wedding, volume 3 (of 3)

My best friend got married in Dubai last week. And to think I was actually in two minds about going to this wedding in the first place... There was a lot on my mind, and I wasn't sure I wanted to be around human beings. I've known this chik since I was 4, or something. And Rosh and I have been through lots together. I really can't believe she's actually married now... Not till day 3 of the whole wedding series did it really hit me how much I was going to miss her... And of course, it helps that my best friends always leaving me wanting more from their weddings, if you know what I mean.

Day 1 - the day before the wedding, when everyone party's like there's no tomorrow, which is odd, because tomorrow, in reality, is the big day

What would you do if you walked in to a wedding where you expect to know very few people and some girl steps right in front of you and asks, "who do you think I am?" After my dog tag incident, I thought I was prepared for situations like these. But I wasn't. So I blurted out something (something I shouldn't have). And then she says, "okkkkkk, can't you tell from my accent?". Aussie. Wait a second, not just Aussie, Western Aussie (yes, I know the difference). Holy holy holy cow (or fair dinkum, mate). It couldn't be. I hadn't seen this chik in something like 15 years. 15 years. SABZZZZ! To catch you up, Rosh (the bride), Sabz (the aussie), and I used to hang out when we were like 5. We were scary kinda close. And suddenly Sabina and Rosh just abandoned (me) and moved away. And here we are, 15 years later at Rosh's wedding.

Sabz and I

Rosh saw me walk in, and tilted her head as if to say, you made it! Rosh looked scary gorgeous. Like a Bollywood movie-star in a rain-dance sequence gorgeous (I feel like I need to get her permission before I put her picture up because she looked so gorgeous). I was still shaking from the effect of seeing Sabz after so long and I went up to Rosh and said, "... Sabina!" Clearly my inability to say anything appropriate at any point in time was getting the better of me.

So, we drank. We danced. We partied like there was going to be no tomorrow. It was awesome. I was feeling rather sick about a lot of different things that were clouding my mind, but this was already the best decision I'd made, to come to Rosh's wedding. How could I not be at this wedding? Apparently people close to the bride and groom, like siblings, parents, best friends, are supposed to dance their behinds off the day before the wedding. And so I did...

Day 2 - the wedding

Rosh clearly went all out for this wedding. Each day of the wedding proceedings was held in an extremely exquisite location in Dubai. The wedding venue was on the topmost floor of a hotel that overlooked the creek. The food was amazing. The band was, well, there for reasons beyond all of us. And a lot of us were hungover. It was a very spiritual day all-in-all.

Day 3 - the reception

It'd been a great day. I dragged my sister, niece and mom to the "mall of the emirates". I know, its a mall... But what mall (in the middle-east that averages 80F year round) has a ski area inside it? That's right, an entire SKI area. And what mall in the middle-east has a Kenneth Cole store? So, it had to be done.

The reception was, well, how do I put this, simply teh awesomes. The reception was held at a Lebanese hotel near Burj Dubai, which is soon going to be the tallest building in the world. The couple was greeted by Arabian singers and belly-dancers, who at times I must say made things rather embarrassing for all of us. Lets just say that some "friends" forced a belly-dancer to come, ummm, dance with me a friend. How exactly do you dance with a belly-dancer? The food selection was beyond comprehension - they actually had different physical food stations, like a tempura station, a chinese station, and a pasta station... Also a buffet train with the bestest Indian food I've had in a long time. There were ice sculptures and vodka ice blocks. And the dessert... HOLY!

Hanging out and catching up with Sabz and her folks three days in a row was just freaking awesome, but I had a very 'nice' ego-boosting experience at the reception, which I'd really really really needed. A HUGE, BIG ego-boost. HUGE. MASSIVE. BIG. So big, I'm actually thinking of relocating to Dubai.

I was starting to love this wedding... But as the guests started to leave, I realized that things were probably never going to be the same with Rosh. I was so very happy for Rosh, but I felt a little sick and queazy on the inside because we're very close. And it felt so good to catch up with friends from eons ago, but this was going to come to an end.

For a few months now, I've been preaching the importance of retooling. I got the chance to meet some highschoolers I'd met through the NYLF and I'd advised them to retool every few years, to start over and learn new things. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to get too cozy or comfortable. I like to challenge myself and start over. That's what life has been about for me for the last 26 years. Starting over every now and then. And while Rosh was moving on to start a new life, I was coming back to my [old] life.

I'm gonna miss you Rosh. I don't know how I'm going to get by without speaking to you every single day. I'm amazingly happy for you and crazy mad at you at the same time for doing this to me.

In any case, here's to best friends... Old and new.

Currently playing in my head : "Allem Alby" by "Amr Diab"

PS: Stay tuned for "Why do we fall down, Bruce?"

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  1. Meghna says:

    I take it you don’t attend a lot of weddings…you seem super excited about this one…. mmm my best friend’s wedding…. I can see how that feels… ouch with a lot of euphoria…:)


  2. Maneesh says:

    It was good to see you on the flight to Chicago. You were just the person I needed for the chain blogging. You are tagged!

  3. Where are all the personal posts ai? What happened to you ai? UNSUBSCRIBE, AI, I’m unsubscribing. su

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