my death space?

Considering all the talk of death that's been happening around me lately, I found it eerily coincidental when my friend pointed me to What's scary is howmany "articles" (obituaries) on the site cite the cause of death as an automobile accident. 

I can see my mydeathspace obituary now -

"ai died while trying to get off a plane. He was getting off the plane on to the jetbridge, when the jetbridge suddenly retracted, and he fell 40 feet to the ground. Although he'd been on a long flight, his hair still looked amazing."

Now you know what my greatest fear is.

Currently playing in my head : "New Slang" by "The Shins"


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  1. Jenny says:

    Are you finding that MydeathSpace is no longer browsable?

  2. Mandy says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! I also noticed the auto accidents. PEOPLE. CLICK IT OR TICKET!! Or in mydeathspace, die I guess.

  3. ai says:


    Are you finding that MydeathSpace is no

    longer browsable?

    Yeah, that’s pretty interesting. I suppose MyDeathSpace is dead?


  4. mimi says:

    Actually they are just changing servers.  They’ll be back. 🙂

  5. 805 says:

    Since the mydeathspace is not active, is there any other site where you can add a friend who died?

  6. Paige says:

    Yeah I cant find mydeathspace anymore! My computer crashed for a week or so I guess…and now the site that I was dare I say adicted to is non existant…I finditodd thatthis is the first I have seen of annother person having this proble. You’d think it would be in an articlein google search…but no go.

  7. angela b says:

    ip address error about browsing ? why  need help let me know how to correct problem

  8. cia says:

    it was posted in the news article that there is so much traffic on the site that the owner is uping the bandwidth to handle the popularity but i didnt think it would take this long

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