my LINQ-a-thon

I'm going LINQ crazy. I'm going to be evangelizing the heck out of LINQ in the coming month. Here's what's happening, and where -

Those are all that are officially scheduled at this point , but I will be doing at least 2 more webcasts on LINQ and those should be up on soon, so stay tuned.



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  1. If you’re planning on holding another LINQ-a-thon, you might want to check out my OakLeaf Systems blog that’s been following LINQ, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to Entities, as well as EDM and the EDM Designer since the beginning:


    Roger Jennings

  2. Sorry for the delay in getting these out… Here are the slides I’ve been using for my LINQ talks . If

  3. Alex James says:

    Thanks, always looking for more LINQ stuff…

    BTW I have some slides and sample code on my blog including implementing IQueryable<T>.

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