Pulling a "Jerry"

It's been a silent couple of weeks. It's probably going to stay that way for a while. I'm having a Jerry Maguire-ish kinda month. I have this plan that I'm working on, right... Except that I'm not a sports agent. And I'm not engaged to a hot Kelly Preston. But it's been one of those months. I have a beard. My hair's grown out (of control). I look like a small sedated woolly mammoth (scaled down 800 times).

Some updates -

  • I cried for the first time in a long time. I couldn't stand to watch Andre Agassi say goodbye. It was too painful. But I couldn't find the remote, and I kept watching, and, yes, I cried. The last time I cried for a sporting related event was when Reggie Bush won the Heisman. And prior to that, I cried when this happened (I was there, btw. There):

  • Steve Irwin - oh man... Whoa. I was always under the impression that everything he was doing was staged and phony. I mean, he'd be like millimeters away from a 3 ton croc's mouth, he'd yank its tail, play backgammon with it's territorial rival while it gave him a swedish massage, and he'd still walk away unscathed, how was I supposed to believe that? I mean I grew up watching WWE, so, I should be able to tell the real from the unreal, right. Or so I thought. Thanks, Steve. Aside from all the fun I've had watching videos of you doing crazy stunts with animals, I also would have nothing to base my fake aussie accent on.
  • Whole Foods - I went to a Whole Foods for the first time in my life. They have homeopathic stuff there. I love Whole Foods now, btw.
  • Viral (aka no0bie) shadowed me for the first time while we're doing events in SoCal last week. Jeff and I totally hazed the heck outta him. It was fun, in a mean sadistic way. We made him do his entire presentation with a straw in his left hand. I still can't believe he went through with it.

    He's an awesome sport though - he totally did it.

That's that. I'll be back soon.


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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Yeah he better, it’s only gonna get worse.

    Next time we’ll make him do one in his prom dress

  2. Attila says:

     I attended the MSDN presentation in San Diego yesterday and I have to say that you did a great job! Viral was a bit nervous through the whole thing, but now I know why.

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