OSCON Day 1 – OSCamp

OSCON's too much fun. Its been awesome to see really passionate people and talk about their open source projects or products. I'm currently sitting in on Lam's session on RubyCLR.

The day started off with O'Reilly kicking off the keynote. We had some other interesting speakers, but Anil Dash was by far the best one this morning, in my opinion.

A bunch of us 'softies also hosted an OSCamp session this afternoon. It was interesting, to say the least, and I'll ummm, leave it at that. Tim has a post here, and Woody's is over here, about their experience of actually signing up for the session. Jamie from Port25 was on deck and recorded the whole thing, so hopefully we'll all get to have a go at it. We have some raw notes that we collected on the OSCamp wiki.

PS: BTW, I apologize if I sound incoherent. I really do feel quite drained.

[update : added a link to Woody's post]


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