OSCON Day 1 – navigating through your schedule

How many times have you attended a multi-day conference (like a TechEd, or a PDC) where you initially sign up for a set of sessions for the day, but then you walk through the hallways heading to the next session and you run in to your colleagues, one of whom says, "hey man, you know what, we should really go to the HDF55245u# session", and you think to yourself, "yeah, HDF55245u# does actually sound better than the one I was going to", and then you follow your colleague instead?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just find out which ones your colleagues are going to, to start with - much like an 'upcoming'? Meet OSCAL. Check out the sessions I'm currently interesed in. OSCAL's been built entirely on Ruby-on-Rails.



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[update : Corrected 'TechEd'. My blog software decided to auto-correct 'TechEd' and made it 'TrenchEd', which isn't all that bad a name for a conference.]

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  1. rabble says:

    It’s not surprising that it’s upcoming like. Kellan sits next to the upcoming kids at yahoo. It reflects the development of the idea of a schedule as something open, collaborative, non-exclusive (allowing overlaps) and social. You’ll notice that we threw away the wall calendar metaphore and built it out as a series of nested lists as the core object/metaphore. Anyway, it seemed to work well for a quick day and a half hack.

    Thanks for blogging about it.


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