Fine, I shall cave to thee for now, OpenDNS

When Chris or Scott post about something in a seriously positive note or, umm not so much, the post sends reverberating vibes through 'teh' internet (Chris's post, Scott's post). Having worked as a developer at a networking company in the past, I was a little skeptical of the promises that OpenDNS was making. Well, not so much promises, but claims of "advanced speeds in DNS lookups". So, I decided to test it out.

Initial impression - it is pretty damn fast. OpenDNS' claims about getting to sites like myspace, are in fact valid. So far, so good. However, there's at least one thing about OpenDNS that's disturbing so far - DNS resolution of sites like '' : If you use IE today, and you try to get to '', the site will not be found and you get a list of possible sites that can be visited through or your pre-configured search engine. Browsers like Flock and Firefox, auto-prepend the 'www' in front of '' after DNS fails to resolve the site name, and fetch you the site. However, after using OpenDNS's servers, I notice that is getting back to me with possible sites that I could visit. And the website that lists the possible sites I could visit, has ads on it. That, I do not like.

That's that, so far. There could be other issues in the future about sites or sub-sites that genuinely do not exist getting resolved by OpenDNS.

So, try it out. Let's see what you think...


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  1. Things like should just work, you’re right.

    A lot of things and TLDs we have rulesets for.  We also look at what lands on that search results page and see if we can build rules to make your experience better.  If we are truly not resolving something that should exist that’s a serious bug and one you should report or IM me about.

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s going to get even better.


  2. ai says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the comment… It’s awesome to see that OpenDNS’s success and our overall experience is really important to you.

    Feedback, you say? You got it 😉


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