swing away, mac-heads, swing away…

Alright, mac-heads, alright... take your swings at us. I must say that these commercials are pretty damned funny (fyi, website needs quicktime runtime). It really lit up my otherwise dull start to a week.

So, Jamie, a 9-er, retaliated with this absolutely hilarious cartoon.

It kinda reminds me of the aggressive, but hilarious, anti-Cisco ad campaign that Juniper launched a few years ago (like this one - you have to have been a Cisco-ite to appreciate this one, btw). 


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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    While you can’t argue that perhaps Mac comes with a significantly better set of pre-installed apps than Windows, you have to take into consideration the legal problems MS would have if it tried to bundle something like iLife into Windows.  Heck, look at the trouble you guys are facing in Europe for bundling your media player.

    Then again, all’s fair in love and advertising.  I suppose

  2. Everyone’s seen the Mac guy vs the PC guy commercials , right? I’ve said it myself several times that

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