darn those andes!

Have you seen a decently-figured developer? Do you know why? Its coz we eat. A lot. And when we realize we’re getting fatter, we put candy out for everyone else, so they can catch up.

I was working out of the Mountain View office today, and I had occupied this cube in front of a buncha regular offices. There was fishbowl outside one of the offices, which was filled with Andes thin mint candies. It was about 99% full when I first saw it. I left the office, and it was like there’d been a massacre – green wrappers everywhere. I, single handedly, was responsible for emptying over 70% of the fishbowl. There was practically nothing left in it by the end of the day.

At first, I’d find an excuse to walk by the office and would grab one thin mint at a time – one on my way past the office, and one on my way back. I realized later I was only fooling myself, and eventually grabbed handfuls of them back to my cube. And when those would run out, I’d go back for more. At one point, I was inclined on bringing the bowl back to my cube, but my conscience wouldn’t let me.

I had about 200 odd green mint smelling wrappers lying in the trash can in my cube. And I’m still not satisfied. I feel like I could go for some more.

I was looking at this chart, and I realized I probably ‘accrued’ about 18000 calories today.


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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    We have a similar problem here.  Our Swedish compatriots bring a chocolate/caramel candy (like Skor) called Daim every time they come.  2kgs of chocolate is gone by noon.  Everyone’s so greedy, I just grab half of it and stash it in my drawers before anyone has a chance to get at them.  Finally, enough for everyone!

    Also, don’t count the calories.  Each Andes chocolate wafer is pretty light.  Adding up the total weight can’t really be that much.

  2. Actually I do know some decently figured engineers, though they are mainly women. This is actually a serious problem for cube folks. And gaining weight is a vicious cycle because it tends to spiral downward.

    One reason I think women handle it better is because they understand the need for a balance. For myself, I just find it’s important to have goals that have a physical component outside of work, e.g. run in the bay to breakers, do a half triathalon, etc.

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