WWYD – laptop dilemmas

I've been at the MTS here in Redmond for the most part of this week, and have been hanging out with geeks, a majority of who have laptops running MacOS or Linux. I get swayed very easily by shiny, neat looking thingies, and I must say, the Mac is one sexy looking beast.

I've decided that I now need a new laptop, that has decent horsepower, and has the Intel Core Duo processor in it. And, I'm confused. Hence, friends, I need your help. I've narrowed my choices down to :

  1.  The MacBook Pro

    I love the way this thing looks, but it runs an OS that I've hardly ever used. And the 2 or 3 times that I've used the OS, my experiences have been rather poor. How, oh how, can I run Windows on this sexy looking thang? “Oh but wait, Ai”, I was told, “have you heard of Bootcamp”?

    So, teh goods :

    • I love the way this thing looks.
    • Now, with BootCamp, I have the option of dual-booting Windows, which is hands-down my OS of choice. Or tri-booting Windows and Linux.
    • I have a soft spot for anything that has BAsh support.
    • Jason tells me it weighs about 5.6lbs.
    teh bads :

    • Bootcamp is in beta.
    • Hard to tell whether it'll be able to run Vista, at this time. 

  2. Toshiba Portege M400

    teh goods :

    • Looks hot.
    • Runs the Windows Tablet PC OS.
    • Will run Vista.
    • Weighs 4.5lbs.
    • Two of my friends, Tim and Rory, both have this machine, and they're pretty happy with it.
    teh bads :

    • Costs $3500 the way I want it configured (and that doesn't include the rocket propeller)

  3. Sony VAIO TX Series

    teh goods :

    • Tiny as tiny can be. If my fingers were to ever grow, I'm not sure I'd be able to use the keyboard.
    • Weighs almost nothing. I think my mouse weighs more than this computer.
    • Will run Vista.
    • Phenomenal battery life.
    teh bads :

    • Runs on a Pentium M 1.3GHz at best (today).
    • Supports a max of 1.5GBs of RAM.

    • $$$

    So, here's how I suggest we proceed. You buy me either (1), (2) or (3) from above. I will thoroughly evaluate it for you, which will take me 3-5 years at the least, at which point in time, I will promptly return the device to you. You'll also need to send me a self-addressed postage-included (accounting for inflation) box so that I can send the thang back to you.

    Seriously though, WWYD?


    Comments (6)

    1. MiniMage says:

      The M400.  No question whatsoever.  The pen is so much less painful than the ‘board.  After nearly two years with a TabletPC, I no longer have the patience for a touchpad.  I’m pretty sure someone said Age of Empires III runs fine on it, too!

      Second choice:  MacBook.  I really want OSX in my home, especially since I’m going to have to support it at work.  The best Mac I’ve got is a beige G3, and I don’t want to fool with XPost Facto.

    2. Richard says:

      Honestly, none of them.  My reasoning being that  

      1: Macs blow.  They just do.

      2: Toshiba is not the most trustworthy company for taking care of their customers.  If you look into it you will find a bunch of people who bought e740’s a while back.  When the news version of Windows came out, nearly all the PDA manufacturers made it available (some for free).  Toshiba never did.  It started this huge petition to have them release it, and they still never have.  To this day they insist they don’t need to release it because their customers don’t feel like they need it (WTF!?)  

      3: Sony isn’t doing so well lately.  I love the company, and I hope they can pull back ahead, but until they do, I just wouldn’t trust them.  

      I hear good things about Lenovo.

    3. Vinay says:

      I’d stay away fm the Sony – the 2 sony laptops I’ve owned before and one at work, all had problems (mainly hard disk drive, on one the display died).

      If only bootcamp was not beta!

    4. Arvind says:

      Macbook Pro if you don’t need docking. A Thinkpad if you do.

      Bootcamp doesn’t seem to be a beta with issues, once you get going you’re generally good. And with Mac OS X.5, Apple is including it in the OS as a feature.

      I use the Mac OS at home, it’s not too bad, definitely dig the BSD underpinning.

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