whatcha gonna do with all that ASP.NET code, all that ASP.NET code?

Ok, that title isn’t as appropriate if you don’t have the song “my humps” by the “black eyed peas” playing in your head… In any case, the code from my webcast demos on 3/14 and 3/15 is up.

Also, I mentioned the use of a ‘business object layer’ as an abstraction between your ObjectDataSource control and your data repository as being a clean way of doing things. If you want an example of how that can be done, you can download some sample code here.


PS: I’ll post the replay links for these webcasts as soon as I get‘em

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  1. Fred Beiderbecke says:

    Thanks for the DataGrid/DetailsView webcast.  It was very informative and enjoyable.

  2. Vik says:

    AI’s the best. I’d enjoyed watching him in person also.

    Best wishes!

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