the problem solver in you

After reading this post over on neopoleon, and yeah, like everyone else, laughing my bee-hind off, I browsed over to “Veganette”’s profile. And I sat through and watched everyone of those videos the PETA guys put together.

I usually spend at least, at least a few minutes every week sitting back and thanking my parents and any other entity (like the stars, that lined up correclty) that made me an individual with a decent brain capacity to comprehend, be civil and respect everything in the world. And after watching those videos (and I watched every one), and feeling disgusted enough to not look at another human being or another chicken, pig, cow or any animal that can be consumed as food, I got to thinking…

Aren’t we supposed to be civil? Isn’t the reason that we’re at the “top” of the “food chain” because we can be normal, and not be savage? Where did we go wrong with some human beings? Is the pressure of not being able to assert yourself and be the supermo and the master of your domain gotten to humans so bad that we have to take it out on other living things? Is that what it is?

And, the problem solver in us then wants us to be able to fix things. So, I’ve heard several celebrities and other influentials with money, back the PETA. They protest against franchises like KFC. People become vegans, which means they stop consuming things like milk, which is supposed to not do very much harm to your body (unless you’re lactose intolerant). But does all this really help solve the real problem?

So, sometimes I feel, would we have been better of as animals? Being savage, not caring, and just doing what it takes to survive? You don’t have to worry about that fancy car you’ve always wanted, wanting the best-est shoes, or wanting that extra-foam no-whip large latte from a Pete’s. You realize having a brain is like having a double-edged sword : the same thing that gives us the ability to think and be civil, also makes us stupid enough to think we have to be masters of all our domain at all times, regardless of what it takes. And, it also makes people like me cringe and sick to the stomach, when I think about thinking about what other people are thinking when they do stupid stuff.

C’est la vie… *sigh*

Currently playing in my head : “Speed of Sound” by “Coldplay”


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