my shirt

Now that most of the most significant people in my life have left me, I decided to make myself feel good in other ways. New Year’s Eve Eve was hella interesting last year (akyboy can tell you all about it, if his brain cells are still intact). I spent all afternoon watching all 10 episodes…


the perfect storm

From : … 2 : a disturbed or agitated state <storms of emotion> : a sudden or violent commotion… That’s what my life has been like for the past two weeks. A sudden, violent commotion. My parents, my sister and my niece flew in to visit me over Christmas. I was not ready for…


life of sin, part deux

Currently playing in my head : “Last Night” by P Diddy, featuring Keyshia Cole “ai”


All I need in this life of sin

… is me and my niece. Dana (my niece) and I Originally uploaded by artificialignorance. “ai”


my new old friends

(personal post) A few weeks back, I was chatting with a friend about a bad breakup she’d had. She told me how she thought 2005 was going to be her year, and then things just went awry. What she said got me thinking – why do we base our lives so much around people who we don’t really…


David Blaine spoof

If you’ve caught of any of David Blaine’s acts (Street Magic), trust me, you will appreciate this video… TRUST ME. WARNING : contains adult language not suitable for non-geeks. “ai”


Interviews by

GNoTECon was well covered by Ed Kohler and the guys over at who flew in all the way from Minnesota to catch the conference. They interviewed me, and I realized my hair looks amazing. Their video quality is remarkable. Very professional and very well done. Here’s more information about their coverage. “ai” Technorati tags:…


GNoTECon – The Art of Evangelism

What a day… What a surreal day. I can’t believe GNoTECon just ended. It was everything I thought it would be. Guy Kawasaki kicked things off. He spoke on the Art of Evangelism (he’s told me he’d give me the slides later). He was brilliant. That’s the only way I can describe his talk. Here’re some…


Live from GNoTECon

Guy just got done with the GNoTECon keynote. I am in…. awe. I’ve never heard Guy speak before, and he was just awesome. I’ll be posting later with more detail, but I couldn’t stop laughing when Guy said he thought the ‘G’ in GNoTE stoody for ‘Guy’. I’m not sure if he meant ‘Guy’ or…


where’s Scoble, you ask

So when the 200th person asked me today why Scoble, an ex-softie and one of the world’s most famous ‘evangelists’, was missing from the GNoTECon lineup, I decided to lie. Just for the fun of it. Annoying human : Why isn’t Scoble in your GNoTE lineup? Me : He doesn’t want to be associated with…