What is it about this song?

sheilahs and blokes, Have you heard “Disappear” by “Hoobastank”? Amazing… “AI”


back to life, back from reality

On Wednesday, 11/16, I decided that I wanted to fly to Australia to meet some friends and family. And so, I flew out to Sydney (got there like 2 days later), spent the better part of Thanksgiving week on the eastern coast of Australia, and had a helluva time. Its funny the kinda life that I live….


Visual Studio 2005 Hardware and OS requirements

G’day mates*, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about requirements for running different editions of Visual Studio 2005. Check this site out for details :http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/4c26cc39.aspx There’s another site that lists details about requirements for Team System : http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms252568.aspx Ta!Song running through my head : “Float on” by “Modest Mouse” “AI”* – Been hanging out…


Dilbert on Agile Programming



Microsoft Lauds ‘Scrum’ Method for Software Projects

http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1885883,00.asp A couple of quotes from the article worth highlighting : … “one thing we find is that you can’t excessively mandate software development processes on a broad scale,” – this is line with a post I’d made some time back. ‘Scrum efforts do not work well with “a General Patton, but more of a Bill…


Tried Visual Studio 2005 yet?

I know a lot of you have got your hands on VS2K5 Express or Standard. If you want to evaluate the Professional or the famed Team Suite edition, you can order trial versions athttps://www.tryvs2005.com/ Enjoy! Song in AI’s head : “Look what you’ve done” by “Jet” (exhausted) “AI”


If you could be a hero, for just one day

Its official – we launched stuff today. I know every one who cares about these products and blogs, has probably already blogged about this launch. However, my post is going to be a tad different, in that, I was there. Rather, I was here. (I am still here) And while this was a special launch…


It’s launch time, baby!

45 minutes before I get in to Moscone for the big launch. I got home at about 10pm last night after some pre-launch activities (more like parties) that were happening around the bay area. And you’d think that 6 hours of sleep is plenty on any given night (for me, atleast), so I decided I was…


*KISS*, and please, do tell

Engineering the engineering process I’m starting to notice this interesting trend in the software industry of corporations that want to engineer their engineering process. That’s right – engineer their engineering process. Engineering a software or a hardware product isn’t easy, I agree, and I know. Predicting the completion and success of a software engineering project…