my claim to fame

I’m not sure it was the best way it could’ve happend, but it finally did happen - I got some time on an internet radio show. I was on it for all of 0.6 seconds, but its got me all excited. I was at PDC a few weeks back, and was hanging out with Rory. Rory’s kinda fun, but occasionally forgets who I am. He then insists on wanting to see my ID (ok fine, my ID, my credit card, my social security, my passport, and then asks for my mother’s maiden name)

So, yeah, Rory and I were hanging out when Carl Franklin (from DNR) came by and decided to interview Rory about PDC, and an event we’d all been to the night before. Check this out, and if you wanna cut to the chase, scroll in to about 8 minutes in to the interview (btw, thats me giggling like a girl in the background) :

0.6 seconds on the air, and I used the word ‘grope’... I’m contemplating sharing this with my mom – what do you think?

Current song in AI’s head : “Stacy’s Mom” by “Fountains Of Wayne


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