I dislike my team

After every major conference I attend where I'm not speaking very much (MGB, PDC), I start to dislike my team just a little more. I attended several breakout sessions and keynotes at PDC. And every time I see a speaker get on stage and present, I start critiquing them. I’m looking for the small things, like whether or not they’re getting everyone’s attention, how often they’re “umm-ing”, is the presenter looking and conversing with the the audience as opposed to just ‘talking at them’, are they pausing for questions, is their demo environment along with their screen resolution set up so that audience members in the back can see the screen ok, are they repeating questions back to the audience (this is something that just peeves me), are they playing with the loose change in their pocket, and I could keep going... I pay more attention to their style rather than the content.

This team of mine, has made me an anal speaking machine. I’ve realized its going to take a lot for me to give a presenter a 9 on 9, if I were to evaluate them. Except for Chris Capossela. I’ve seen Chris Capossela speak a few times, and I think he is a brilliant and amazing speaker. Go Chris!


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