PRC Compassion – Katrina relief efforts

A few days ago, PRC Compassion was brought to my attention. The website is a portal that can be used to make donations for the relief effort. PRC Compassion has also partnered with several local churches and organizations.

Param R., the CTO of Sterling Technologies helped pioneer the website implementation. Sterling Ware, who're based out of Baton Rouge, have converted half their office in to a control center for relief operations. Param tells me that their website was designed and implemented using ASP.NET 2.0 Beta2 and Visual Studio 2005, and it was put together in less than a day.

Kudos to Param and gang – this is truly a noble effort!


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  1. i agree completely with the kudos going to param. i have been working with prc compassion the past couple weeks, and i worked with param thru two days of the site development – just giving him stuff we wanted to see the site be able to do. he’s proven true everything i was told about him before i met him. he’s a genius, has a great work ethic, he loves his wife, and he’s easy to communicate with. that’s an uncommon thing to find all those traits in one human. i’m sure he’s not perfect, but as of yet i haven’t seen it. thanks, param!

  2. Param says:

    Thank you Anand & Dan for the kind words. Again, I would like to emphasize that if it wasnt for Asp.Net 2.0 and the cool stuff in Visual Studio 2005 we wouldnt have been able to get it done so quickly. Good work MS. From what I have seen so far, Beta 2 is fairly stable. Thanks to our efforts the poor people of New Orleans are getting much needed relief and help.

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