Want awesome training events you say…?

And by extremely popular demand (not really), here's my schedule for the next couple of months... All times are local.

Date(s) Location Event Time
May 13 Your home or office MSDN Webcast Writing Secure Code 9-10am
May 17 MS Office, SF, CA VS2K5 Beta2 Team Test 6-9pm
May 18 Fairfield, CA Court (speeding ticket, yuck) 8-10am
May 19 MS Office, SF, CA BAADD .NET SIG Meeting 6-9pm
May 24 Cheyenne, WY MSDN Event 1-5pm
May 26 Colorado Springs, CO MSDN Event 1-5pm
June 2 San Jose, CA Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 event 8-4pm
June 6-10 Orlando, FL TechEd 2005, Baby! All Day
June 14 Baton Rouge, LA MSDN Event 1-5pm
June 16 Metairie, LA MSDN Event 1-5pm
June 21 Missoula, MT MSDN Event 1-5pm
June 23 Spokane, WA MSDN Event 1-5pm
June 28 Pleasanton, CA MSDN Event 1-5pm

What you waiting for? Sign up already!

PS: Yeah, the court appearance is also up for grabs

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