the day I paid $50 for a tank of gas…

Yesterday, I paid $50 for a tank of gas... I remember paying $0.89/gallon back in the late 90s in West Lafayette... *sigh*

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  1. Adam Wright says:

    Think your self lucky – my 45 litre Focus costs me £40 to fill from redlined. The amount of gas you bought would cost (near enough) $108 here in the UK.

  2. SwitchBL8 says:

    Gas is about €1.25/l (it varies) in The Netherlands. That’s about $1.60/l or $6.06/gallon. Your 18,447 gallons would cost $111,73 here. So to all Americans: goodmorning to you and welcome in the world. How about Kyoto?

    And as the previous commentor said: lucky you, to pay only $51,63.

  3. This would cost 78€ (100$) in France at the moment.

    Stop whining – I pay double your price and I’m not complaining 😉

  4. Fredrik says:

    I can only chime in to the European choire here. That tank of gas would be approximately $106 here in Sweden today… I have had my driver’s license for around 12 years, and I may be wrong, but I can’t remember having bought gas as cheap as you just did during that time.

  5. Nico says:

    106 usd in Denmark

    Be a patriot and buy a smaller and more economical car 🙂

  6. AT says:

    In Ukraine it will cost about 3-3,30 UAH per liter.

    It means that your 70 liters will cost about 210 – 231 UAH. Or in USD it will be 41-45 USD

    But take in account – average income in Ukraine is about 1/10 of USA one.

  7. Rex says:

    In Australia, the same amount of fuel (68 Litres) would cost me $85….

    i’ve long been paying over AU$50 per tank of petrol….$1.25 per litre for High-Octane (98 RON) preimuim unleaded petrol.

    crap eh…

  8. Bob says:

    buy a hybrid and stfu

  9. Bob Riemersma says:

    Had my Civic Hybrid for 3 years now and I love it. Not only am I getting great mileage, I get plenty of time per tank (nearly 3 weeks of commuting) I have the leisure to buy when prices are low.

  10. I am getting 48 mpg out of my Prius. If I wanted sports car I would buy old BMW 325 and drove it on track on Sundays 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    In India, one liter of petrol costs Rs. 37.94 and that comes to $3.27 for a gallon.

  12. Look – a can of European worms! 🙂 $51.63 is huge for me (us). For those of us here in the US who are used to driving EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, the jump in prices is ‘relatively’ huge alright buster! 😛

  13. Oh, and to both the Bobs,

    As phenomenally beautiful and eye-poppingly attractive as the hybrids of today look, yeah, I’ll pass (ehem, sarcasm intended)

  14. Matt says:

    "For those of us here in the US who are used to driving EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, the jump in prices is ‘relatively’ huge alright buster!"

    I suppose you think outside the US people are used to riding their bicycles "EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME"?

    And if you want looks over fuel economy stop whinging about fuel economy

  15. miguel says:

    "I suppose you think outside the US people are used to riding their bicycles "EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME"? "

    No, smartass. But in america they’re used to drive 1,000 miles if they need to, while in europe you catch a plane to do a 1000 KM travel

  16. SwitchBL8 says:

    Because Europe is so crowded, that travelling 1000km by car is very inefficient AND because the fuel-rates make it cheaper to go by plane.

    I’m off to Norway this Friday, and two tickets including return-flight was cheaper than travelling one-way by car. And that’s not even 1000km.

  17. miguel says:

    exactly. then you’re just agreeing with aniyer 🙂

  18. GlenGordon says:

    Seriously, what kind of car do you drive? I assume that an 18 gallon tank means either a minvan or an SUV. Since you are a young single guy I’m ruling out minivan and the need for a large vehicle to haul kids around. Therefore I assume that it’s an SUV, and I have no sympathy for you. I’d also like to say thanks for that day in 2015 when I’d like to drive somewhere but I can’t because you used up twice as much fuel as you ought to have used up getting only yourself from point A to point B in 2005.

  19. Derek says:

    This is the exact reason why I would support a $2/gallon tax on gas in the US. It’s completely irresponsible not to. If it cost you $200 you might start think about moving somewhere that had convenient public transportation or getting a car that didn’t have an 20 gallon gas tank. Or putting pressure on auto makers to develop more fuel efficient cars. The current prices in the US only help the Saudis or other profit-driven entities equally as disinterested in making the world a better place. That $50 is a lot more likely to be funding terrorism than if you has bought a bag of weed.

  20. Vinay says:

    Yeah, a single guy driving a vehicle that can take 18 gal sounds like an overkill. I think we should stop complaining about the cost of gas.

    If we could send man to the moon 30 years ago, we really should have been able to develop an alternative to petrol? or found a better and more efficient way to use it?

  21. Matt,

    Lets try to work some logic here… Lets say we have 2 independant unique variables in some scenario, A and B, where A is not equal to B. If I were to say "NOT A", does that equal B?

    Right, just as I’d figured… So, lets say A = "we here in the US drive everywhere" and B = "Europeans cycle everywhere". In my post, I (AI) said, "we here in the US drive everywhere" (and granted I exaggerated, as I always do, and NYC is a true anomaly) and you (Matt) instead of inferring "NOT A" to be "Americans do not drive everywhere", you inferred it to be B, i.e., "Europeans cycle everywhere".

    So to sum up, NO, I did not say Europeans bike everywhere or that Australians make more money, or that Greenland gets colder than Alaska (thank heavens for CmpE 101…) 🙂

  22. Glen and Vinay,

    "Seriously, what kind of car do you drive?"

    I drive a 2003 Audi A4. She has a 16.X gallon tank, and I fill premium unleaded (which around here goes fer around $3/gallon). I happened to be driving my friend’s SUV that day in the city.

    Sympathy? I don’t need sympathy… 😛 I could use some extra $$ though, but then again, who wouldn’t?

  23. Derek,

    I think your comments are right on… Living in the city (SF or NYC), and owning a car is out of the question (for me). I wouldn’t do it. Gas costs are insance, parking costs about $250/month, insurance rates almost double for anyone in their 20s or if you are single, and when you DO get to drive your car, parking is a bitch (ehem). I’d gladly use the MUNI, BART and CalTrain and all the other alternative transportation schemes when it is practical.

  24. Why? What about what I said in my post appeared to be so whiny that a lot of people inferred it as sounding like a complaint?? I’m not complaining – I’m stating matter-of-factedly that I paid $50 for a full tank of gas – and thats huge for me! Its a new mark in my life – its like when I turned 21, or the day that I bought my first Audi, or the first time I used Windows 95… This is something I will remember – 5/7/2005 will go down as the day when I spent $50+ for gas.

    I love the way my car looks. What I love even more is the way she drives.

    I’ve lived in the Middle East (Arabian Gulf), where gas was mostly free (not really, that is me exaggerating again). We’d occassionally tip the gas station attendant who’d fill her up because we felt like we needed to pay for something (again, exaggerating). I’ve also lived in India where it costs an arm and 2 legs for gas (petroleum) (which makes me think that about how few limbs we would have left to drive with) (considering the cost of living). But remember, driving in Bombay (in the city, not in the suburbs) doesn’t just cost you moolah, it costs you your mind as well. I still love driving there though…

    Bottom-line – it appears that I like to drive. I wouldn’t mind alternate transportation at all (and it seems very likely that once I move to the city, I’ll have to give up my car). I have a stick shift, and the last time I had to stall on top of Nob Hill, I wasn’t super thrilled… 🙂

  25. AT says:

    You are lucky that you do not need to refull helicopter every day 😉

    It will cost you about 25-50 USD / hour for fuel alone.

  26. Lindsay Anderson says:

    Hey, I left you an email on your work address, then got the Out-of-Office Reply.

    Sorry if I embarrassed or offended you when I asked you how old you are.

    Good job on the demonstrations, though.

    Lindsay Anderson

  27. Just a couple of years back, I’d blogged about how I paid $50 for a full tank . I try not to drive as

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