I’m no superman

I realized yesterday how addicted I am to sitcoms. I crave the laughter, and I almost feel empty without it. This week is my first week back home after a few weeks straight on the road. I was thinking to myself, now that I'm back home, what do I miss the most - what do I want to do now that I'm back at home? Sadly enough, I had no answers... In fact, I feel like I want to hit the road again, and just stay out there somewhere. I don't seem to connect with home anymore. BUT, I wanted to catch up on watching re-runs of Spin City and Will & Grace.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of "the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". For some reason, I also watched "Full House" (dont know why now that I think about it), and always wondered what it would be like to live in San Francisco (that is not why I live here now, honest). Remember this sitcom called "Rock" - it was a show about a blue-collar worker and his family. We stopped watching the show at home once Rock learned he had nonmotile sperm (or something). (I tried googling and msn search-ing "Rock" the sitcom, and it couldn't find it - did the show ever exist or am I going schizo?) "Home Improvement" became an instant hit at home - somehow all of us at home could relate to it. The one other show which I thought was absolutely a riot was "3rd rock".

A few weeks ago, before I did my presentations in Concord and Stockton, I was rehearsing for my events and having a friend of mine critique things. The first comment she had for me was - you are doing a "Michael J Fox" thing. I was like, how do you mean, and she said, something about your hands and your head and your eyes, you're totally doing a Michael J Fox. And I almost knew why that was - I'd been watching way too much Spin City. Then I started to think about if my work life would ever be as much fun as City Hall is in Spin City. And as I started to make that connection, I started to realize that our team is kinda sorta similar to the team that runs City Hall (in Spin City). I then started to chart out similarities in people on my team, and the City Hall team, and then soon got bored and gave up. I mostly saw myself as the Deputy Mayor, only because Michael J Fox dated Heidi Klum on the show.

My most recent addiction is with this show called "Scrubs". Scrubs is dynamically different from other sitcoms... Well, wait a second, they don't claim to be a sitcom! In fact, they aired an episode once which was shot in front of a live studio audience. They tried to mock the mockery (i.e. make fun of "sitcoms" shot in front of live audiences) and it really didn't turn out all that great. Scrubs also has this whole "inner monologue" thing nailed... Every week, one of the characters walks you through the story-line for the day with an inner monologue. The show revolves around doctors and residents at a medical facility. The show is brilliantly witty; just when you think the show is going somewhere and is logically linking pieces of a story, one of the characters farts or does something so bizzare it just makes you want to crack up. Every character has some sorta history with every other character on the show (which I suppose is like any other show in the universe), but, I believe this is the ONE show which actually carries the relationships through - for example, JD dated Elliott briefly, and now there's this awkward yet genuine sensitivity when the two are around each other (ok maybe I don't know where I'm going with this scenario). And, then, there's the Todd... Ah, the Todd... The character who would dry-hump (something) on the upper bunk of a bunk-bed.

The show also stars McGinley, who I was never a big fan of (frankly, I didn't really know he existed), and I sit there gaping when the guy delivers 3-minute long monologues without breathing! The utlimate bully-turned-doctor who loves to ride his residents and interns. The other captivating thing about the show seems to be that these characters are not politically correct in any way.

And who would've thought a show about doctors (or wannabe doctors) could be so much fun? Ok, fine, there was ER...

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  1. Bjørn Anders Jørgensen says:

    Hi. I have the same cravings for scrubs…

    I coudnt help myself humming "I can’t do this all on my own, no I’m no superman" just reading the exerpt on the blogs front page.

    I just had to read this article… 😀

    As long as you dont pick up the idiosyncronies from Dr. Cox when you present you’ll be fine… 😉

  2. Dan B. says:

    I didn’t watch it myself but I think this is the show you were talking about.


  3. Yep, thats the one – "Roc", not "Rock".

  4. Chika Patel says:

    All this talk about sitcoms and comedy but no mention of Seinfeld…..that happens only in Bazaro World!! So here are my two cents to reclaim the balance of the world!!

    I am a Seinfeld addict. I cant get enough of the nonchalant, unpretentious, crazy, selfish and petty world of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Seinfeld was unprocessed; people didnt watch the show for fashion or glam or drama. We watched it because it was funny. Unlike Spin City or Will and Grace or Friends or Home Improvement or any of those shows which always had the ‘serious’ episodes when someone broke up with someone, or someone moved or got married or whatever; Seinfeld was guaranteed half hour of fun no matter who died, lost their job, went bold, slept with the other’s girlfriend, yaddi yaddi yadda!

    The show did what entertainment is suppose to do: make you feel happy, less pathetic, and a little more humorous about all the crap that goes on in life!!

    [Anand, for my sake, make sure this oversight is not repeated! = ) ]

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