My Best Friends’s Wedding – Volume 2, Part 1

Yes, its happened... my best friends's wedding happened this past weekend. As much as I was dreading the whole affair, I had the most amazing time I've had in an extremely long time. Honest!

I got to meet up with some of my old old friends this past week at the wedding - Chika, Roshani and Sheena from Charlotte, NC, one of my other best friends Rosh from Pittsburgh and her sister Sheetal, Vishal (a fellow Boilermaker and a Microsoft-ee) and some friends of Al's (the groom's) from Colorado - Kurt, Terrance, Tony et al. But...

Evening 4 (this evening) - Mopin' Shambles

The wedding's over. Last week is over. I am on a flight to somewhere. I can't seem to forget Evening 2. All my friends left on Day 3. My family's headed off to Europe. And, I'm just seriously moping right now. I didn't get her number. I don't have her number. I don't have her number. I don't know how to get a hold of her. I'm confused between moping and pretending to "think about the good times" and "cherishing evening 2" and stuff. 2 hours before we land...

Day 1 - Blue Ruin

She was dressed in blue, and appeared to have been dragged to this wedding by her parents and felt wholly uncomfortable about knowing no one yetting having to socialize. On a whim, I decided to go and introduce myself to her, and then introduce her to my parents. Yes, that is exactly what I did, in that very order... Why? I just don't know... After chatting for a few minutes (12 to be exact) about my sexuality amongst other things, I decided that I should cut our conversation short, and drop my parents off back at their hotel which was 30 minutes away. Why? I just don't know... So I said, "bye, I'll see you later", and she gave me this confused look and probably thought to herself, "ok, bye, freakshow". My parents, sister, my niece and I, we got in to our car, and as I started to drive off, I suddenly realized what I'd done. Never before has my inner monologue been so profane. So I decided that I would speed, drop my folks off, jet back to the venue of the "Raas", and flirt some more. Perfect! No, not really... Turns out Jersey has the worst freaking roads known to mankind. Apparently two drunk interns laid out Jersey's road plans, and then they built'em later when they were hung over (or something). Consequently, I got lost. What would be a 30 minute ride, became an hour long. Imagine my frustration... No, seriously, put yourself in my shoes... Finally I get to the hotel, drop my folks off, jet back, and guess what - she's gone. More importantly, I realized I'd never asked her for her name... I asked around, "did you see the gorgeous thing in blue, anyone?"

Evening 1 (later that evening in Day one) - (dont have a title for this portion of the day yet)

With the "raas" now already over, and my head hung, I decided to go to my friends' room and get a drink or two. As I was getting ready to physically hurt myself over my stupidity, I realized I had slacked off on one of my best man tasks (which was to compile a list of songs to play during a certain session). So I started to get cracking on it in my friend's (Chika's) hotel room. About an hour in to goofing off about playing silly songs, guess who walks in... That's right... The ice-breaking began... 'A' and I spent most of the night picking songs out, with Chika's and Vishal's help. At around 3am, we decided to call it quits and decided to head back to our respective hotel rooms. By then, 'A' and I had broken the ice plenty, and she was now confidently mocking my sexuality. While I wasn't sure that's what I'd really wanted, I did notice that we were getting quite comfortable around one another. And yes, I got her name... I call her 'A'.

To be continued...

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