my hp iPAQ 6315

So, I have an iPAQ 6315. Its an awesome machine, one of those instruments with which you can do a heckuva lot. I'd like to think that it comes with limited functionality to start with, but it gives you an amazing platform to do quite a bit more. I wanted to share some of pains I went through to get it to being a useful PDA/phone for myself.

Sucky T-Mobile service
First, the iPAQ is sold only through T-Mobile. Around here, where I live, T-Mobile's service isn't great. In fact, at home I couldn't receive any calls (0 bars). So, I started to look for other service plans I could jump on to since it'd only been a month since I'd signed on with T-Mobile and I could cancel my service. I've been an AT&T customer for as long as I can remember, so I decided to go back to AT&T (Cingular).

Unlocking my iPAQ
But, my iPAQ was locked down. Which meant that I had to get it unlocked. So, somehow, I got it unlocked (somehow) (PS: ebay)

Signing on with Cingular - SIM chip woes
Now that my phone had been unlocked, I could potentially insert any SIM cards and my phone should work right - right? WRONG! Apparently, there are different companies that Cingular uses to get their SIMs burned (I believe they are Axalto and Gemplus, but I could be horribly wrong). Also, there are the 32K type chips, and the 64K type chips. Through trial and error I found out that the 64K Axalto chips (the ones with a number on the chip that end with an 'A') are the only ones that will work.

GPS, Headset - Bluetooth rocks
I have a bluetooth GPS navigation system (MS Streets and Trips and a Pharos Bluetooth receiver) and a bluetooth headset that I use with the PDA. The iPAQ comes with bluetooth built in - so no strings (attached, literally)

SD Card
I also bought myself a 1GB SD card. I've loaded several maps on to it, and am now trying to figure out what to do with the other 512MBs on the card...

So, thats that... I have a fully functional PDA+phone+GPS nav system. And, I have no excuses to ignore calls from my manager anymore (just kidding Paul, I never did that <nervous laughter>)... That, and I've spent as much on these peripherals as I have on the PDA itself, but hey, I'm loving it...

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  1. AA says:

    If it is such a good phone, maybe TMobile made a mistake of pulling it from market.

  2. Jommy says:

    I als have this PDA and do like it a lot, but was a little curious why Tmobile did pull it.

    It has it’s little glitches (some Wi-fi weirdness) but I really do like it.

    Does anyone have any details as to why Tmobile might have pulled it?

  3. Thomas says:

    They pulled it because it bites ass. This is the worst $500 I’ve spent. I’m on my third one. I have to reset the thing so often, I think the reset button should have been on the front. As crappy as the phone service, it may as well be the "Talk" button.

    My experience is that it freezes on incoming calls. I’m tkinking of sending it to psychoanalysis – it has a fear of talking. I was travelling last week, and on one day, 19 of 42 incoming calls I saw flash on the screen, but went right on to voice mail when I pressed Talk. I asked TMobile to downgrade me to a less Window-y phone. They want to charge me.

  4. Jack Daniels says:

    Does anyone have an ETA on the IPAQ 6315 firmware upgrade with new BT stack that is due out soon from HP? I heard that it was to be released at the end of March and here we are end of March without an update.

  5. mybad says:

    HP is going to announce a new model with a better cpu than the ti and almost as good battery life. First it has to make good on the 6315. It can’t come out too close to release of 6315 fixes so it’ll probably be Q3.

  6. Matt says:

    They just released it…

    Updating mine now.

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