Java to .NET Framework Migration Workshop (Free Training)

1) Teaches Java developers the conceptual mappings between Java and the .NET Framework. For example, as a Java developer you know how to use RMI - but how do you use .NET Remoting? You know how deployment and updates work in the Java world - but how do I handle deployments and updates with .NET Framework-based applications? This workshop delivers an introduction to the .NET Framework through the eyes of a Java developer.

2) Java -> .NET Framework code migration. Maybe you want to migrate your existing Java-based applications in part or whole to the .NET Framework - there are several automated and manual ways to approach this, but which way is best for your code base? We will cover several approaches, including J# and the Java Language Conversion Assistant.

The course is free, but space is limited. You can email me with any questions you might have.

Java to .NET Framework Migration

February 28th, March 1st  and March 2nd from 1PM-5PM EST

303369 – Use this Event ID when registering

You can only register for 1 event.  Space is limited.

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  1. Steve says:

    Java seems to be an ‘outdated’ language. .NET rocks. For beginners I suggested Visual Basic, C# can be later learned through events and online studies!

    Great event you guys had by the way! [when you came to spokane]

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