Power over Ethernet, anyone?

Linksys/Cisco debuted its Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) product. The idea is to transmit electricity to power a networking device, and data, using one cable.



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  1. heh says:

    Thats my favoriate end game when i leave a company, plug the mains into the ether net loop 😀

  2. Xavier Ashe says:

    What’s the big news? I’ve used PoE for years.

  3. James says:

    Will they be able to implement this for wireless devices as well? 🙂

  4. russ says:

    I agree – what is the big deal? Power over Ethernet has been around for YEARS now.

  5. heh says:

    Try power over Ethernet WITHOUT this product, all you need is a plug wired up to the right connector, and POOF! i mean Voala!

    Takes down any network hardware within seconds!

    Also a good leaving present for a company that somehow jerked you around.

  6. heh says:

    I also regularly bring my DECT digital cordless phones into work for our wireless laptop meetings.

  7. heh says:

    Lube over the projector plate is fun too

  8. lol says:

    and the toilet seats.

  9. heh says:

    and the photocopier glass plate.

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