log4net for logging

At our event in San Jose today (2/19/2005), someone brought up log4net. log4net is a convenient utility that can be used to output logging information, to practically any pre-defined target. For those of you PERL and JAVA programmers, we've had log4perl and log4j respectively, and log4net is very similar.

Have a go at : http://logging.apache.org/log4net/

One thing (of many things) I've particularly liked about the log4* is the different "levels" of logging information it provides.

Please realize that I am in no way endorsing or mandating the use, or the non-use, of this. It's an open-source project and comes as it comes. So, please use it at your discretion.

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  1. NaveenY says:


    You should definitely look at Enterprise Library (Microsoft Patterns & Practices team) provides extensive capabilities for Logging information – specifically Logging and Instrumentation Application Block.




  2. Check out Log4Net Viewer.

    Log4Net Viewer is a GUI log viewer and filter for the Log4Net library. By

    default it listens for LoggingEvent objects sent using the UdpAppender and

    displays them in a table.

  3. billa says:

    Trying to find Log4net Gui Viewer — no luck yet. Anybody have a download url ?

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