My colleague, Rory Blyth, and I were discussing U2's new album, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" after an event in Bellevue, WA a few days ago...

So, what am I missing about U2's new album and, more importantly, their song "Vertigo"? Why "Un Dos Tres", and, how does Bono get to Catorce right after un dos and tres? While a lot of you out there are asking me to let it go, I simply refuse to do so... And my old friends will agree when I say, I'm just kinda compulsive that way (I have a story about how this one song kept replaying in my head OVER and OVER back in the day when I had to do my SATs, and I eventually blamed my friend for singing before the test).

Or, maybe, I am just using "Rory Blyth" (notice how I always call him Rory Blyth, and not just Rory), and "U2", and "Vertigo" to get more hits on my blog... 😉

PS: Personally, I think U2 rocks...


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  1. Wikiman says:

    Some say it’s about their 14th album. Some say it’s about some biblical verse. Some say that you can’t count straight when in a "vertigo". Some say that Bono is just playing with the words. Some say that it’s an homage to the late John Ritter (said the same thing in Three’s Company). Some say that U2 just didn’t know the difference between 14 and 4.

  2. I just always thought it was the ‘Vertigo’ thing…you go 1,2,3 the straight to 14…remember hearing Bono being asked about it but he never really answered. I really suspect it’s another U2 publicity thing- everyone was talking about it for a while…

  3. Will says:

    I have the definitive answer. The reason why he goes 1,2,3,14, is because the song is awful. Completely horendous. A mess from a band that should have broken up long ago. Hola! It’s because Bonno only knows Spanish. If he knew Japanese, it’d be ich, ni, san, juuyon. Then people who liked this cruddy song would be debating why juuyon and not juushi, and speculating that he didn’t want to say "shi" because it means death. Or if he said juushi, they’d be speculating why he used shi instead of yon, and if that means that he’s predicting the death of U2, yadda yadda.

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