every now and then…

At some point every year, I realize how beautiful this song really is : ‘E Ajnabi’ from the soundtrack of the movie ‘Dil Se’. “AI”


whoopsie – did I say that?

I was technoratiing myself today when I noticed that PokerGrub was nice enough to say some nice things about the launch event I did in Vegas a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I may have miscommunicated my position at Microsoft when I explaining a glitch with the IE 7 Beta 1 on the MSDN events resource…


the diagnosis is in – i’m a phobia-phobe

I’ve never really had any major phobias. Growing up, I thought I could get away with doing anything. Like the time I decided I wanted to be like the guys who clean windows on large tall buildings, and decided to kinda do “something similar”. Or the time I actually caught a spider that was running…


URGE : MTV, Microsoft band together for music service

“Beyond providing a simple transactional service, Urge will provide a musical playground where fans can experiment, customize, discover and download new music.” http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9588_22-5993125.html

attention all over-achievers, all over-achievers to the front desk please…

Its amazing howmany of us are over-achievers. I used to think that it was the school I went to, or the two ginormous companies that I’ve worked for, or just the people I hung around, who were just uber-competitive. I have friends who’re not satisfied with just getting 100% of their job done. But whats more…


Boise rocks!

Hello Boiseans, From Jim McKeeth… BSDG is hosting their VS2005 launch event on Thursday, January 5th, 2006 at 7 PM at the Washington Group Plaza. Information on the .net Developer’s User Group – NetDug – can be found at www.netdug.com. Information on the Boise Code Camp will be found on both of those sites as well as www.BoiseCodeCamp.org (but there…

What is it about this song?

sheilahs and blokes, Have you heard “Disappear” by “Hoobastank”? Amazing… “AI”


back to life, back from reality

On Wednesday, 11/16, I decided that I wanted to fly to Australia to meet some friends and family. And so, I flew out to Sydney (got there like 2 days later), spent the better part of Thanksgiving week on the eastern coast of Australia, and had a helluva time. Its funny the kinda life that I live….


Visual Studio 2005 Hardware and OS requirements

G’day mates*, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about requirements for running different editions of Visual Studio 2005. Check this site out for details :http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/4c26cc39.aspx There’s another site that lists details about requirements for Team System : http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms252568.aspx Ta!Song running through my head : “Float on” by “Modest Mouse” “AI”* – Been hanging out…


Dilbert on Agile Programming