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Hi, I am Anil Chandra from MSIT working as SDET and  a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, I have decided to write a blog on Visual Studio 2012  primarily concentrating on the test features . In the upcoming series I would like to concentrate on what are the features that have changed in Visual Studio2012 retrospect to Visual Studio 2010, rational behind having this first in the series is, I have seen a lot of my fellow testers who are very proficient in testing but finding it difficult to locate the features in 2012  that they could map back to Visual Studio 2010.


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  1. Papy Normand says:

    I hope that your blog will be interesting  at least for me as you will write about a topic where i am a beginner.

    So i will wait for your next posts impatiently.

    Good success for this new blog

  2. Anil Chandra says:

    Thx Papy, we hope that this blog content will help you. You can always leave a comment if you are looking for anything specific.

  3. ManjunathRV says:

    Hello Anil, Are you yet to complete this Blog?

  4. Anil Chandra says:

    Yes, we have just started the series

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