SOA & Identity or Identity as SaaS?

SOA & Identity or Identity as SaaS? Within the 5 sessions happening at the same time at DIDW 2007. While the session about SOA & Identity got approximately 25 + attendees, the “Identity as a Service-Is IdM as SaaS here?” by Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Justice. Well given the Department of Justice is…


Eclipse vs Visual Studio 2003 NOT Visual Studio 2005?

Eclipse vs. Visual Studio Madhu Siddalingaiah (Aquarius Solutions) Madhu is a consultant and the following points are his points of view on both products. He is speaking from experience only.   Visual Studio weaknesses Compiler is weak             Doesn’t use code introspection as much as possible No analogous concepts of Quick Fix Class/method documentation is…


PHP at Eclipse Con and how Zend can mix PHP with Eclipse?

PHP IDE Project Andi Gutmans (Eclipse Board Member) and Stewart E. Nickolas (IBM)   There is 2.5 million PHP programmers? Wow!   Stewart says PHP programmers are not Java programmers, do the PHP programmers want to be? This session seems to be all about Zend. Didn’t Oracle try to buy Zend?   This session was…


Ward Cunningham speaking about community, Wiki and trusting?

Software Development Creativity the Wiki Way Ward Cunningham (Eclipse Foundation)Developer Track · Keynote It’s really about community is what Wards says. He mentions how he went thru the following time line in his life:             ME -> YOU-> WE-> US-> ALL   ME: stage it was all about what he could do. YOU: style he was managing…


Comparing Apache and Eclipse…What is open source afterall?

Greg Stein kicks off today’s keynote with what is “free source code”? He says most people will do open source because they see other using GPL(GNU Public License) so they will use it as well. With GPL if you combine your software with GPL and you have to provide your source code where as with Eclipse you…


Scripting Eclipse?

Ken Dyck (AMI Semiconductor Canada Company), Ed Warnicke (Individual), Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation), Mark Melvin (AMI Semiconductor, Inc. ) and Ward Cunningham (Eclipse Foundation) The summary of the message being you can do it, but it’s not simple … stay tuned for more from Eclipse Con 2006.  


Award ceremony for the active contributer to Eclipse and I was on stage?

After being part of the Eclipse community Game show/Awards last night where numerous contributors were recognized and while recognized they were asked to come to stage by solely their first names because as the announcer said: “I just don’t want to pronounce the last names.” I ended up on stage, got the “boo ” from the…


Eclipse Con 2006 starts with Joel Spolsky (Is he Microsoft or IBM or ?)

Interesting day began with Joel Spolsky speaking “Joel on Software in Person”. The keynote was to capture: “Too many teams create very decent products that, nonetheless, fail to rise above the crowd and truly capture the popular imagination. They are surprised when their superior products are mostly ignored by the marketplace, which seems to be…