Possible Windows Live ID bug preventing http://webmaster.live.com signup

Thanks to Nataliya for sending the email. Look like there is a possible Windows Live ID bug which we are looking into when trying to sign up for http://webmaster.live.com, you have to sign up for a Windows Live Id, so it seems the sign up process is being a bit problematic and asking for 8…

BlogHer Business Conference 2008 NY

Today starts the BlogHer Business conference 2008 here in NY It’s a pretty small group of women but seems pretty influential. I started the day meeting with Nelly Yusupova. So she’s totally cool, and she comes from the former Soviet. Well technically I am too, but I was born in Iran, though I am Armenian….


Creation of http://www.LivewithAni.com

So you are probably wondering why a new blog? Well, it’s simple, since I become the Senior Product Manager for http://Webmaster.Live.com, I wanted to run a test case to see if I can use all the tools out there and learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using public knowledge to rank better organically when people search…


setup your own ‘Become a Fan’ page on Facebook!

Okay so after a long time I have finally joined Facebook, and now it is time to for me to expand my wings and write my own ‘Become a Fan’ page on Facebook, so now here it is! I have created the ‘http://Webmaster.Live.com’ page, I like it, but do you?   So go check it…


empowering women by eliminating racism – powered by Microsoft

{iGive=y}; Help Microsoft support the YWCA in honor of National Women’s History month in March by exchanging a donation for a limited edition iGive shirt.  The shirts will be distributed by members of Microsoft’s Developer Platform & Evangelism team at Mix 08 on March 7 & 8th in Las Vegas, and March 12 & 13th…

my new book about Excel 2007

Check out my new book coming August of 2008 all for chicks who want to learn more about technology.   The IT Girl’s Guide to Becoming an Excel Diva by Ani Babaian (Paperback – Aug 25, 2008) Pre-order: $24.99


New to SEO? SMX West 2008 – SEO and Blogging

Linking Q&A – This panel of search representatives and search marketers takes questions about linking, from link building, to issues about buying links, to internal linkage and more. Read more about SMX West 2008 agenda… Ask your questions at: http://smxwest.com/ask.php?sess=116 Speakers: Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager, Live Search Webmaster Central, Microsoft Matt Cutts, Software Engineer,…


New to SEO? SMX West 2008 – History of Search engines

The history of Search Engines then dove into the meat of it. So did you know? There is rocket science to search engine. Search engines were actually started by NASA to help them find documents and information they had in house during 1950’s. Anyway the first Search engine was ARPA in 1958, followed by WWW…


New to SEO? SMX West 2008 agenda

Okay so you couldn’t make it to SMX West 2008 and are wondering what the agenda is, and what we are up to here. Well here is the Agenda for SMX West 2008 and where you can learn more…   Technorati Tags: SMX West 2008,Agenda for SMX,Webmaster


New to SEO? SMX West 2008 Paid search fundamentals

What is PPC? Paid per click. You can utilize Google adwords. You can also write different adds yourself. Always know it takes 5-50 times of search before a purchase happens. People begin by searching then narrow their search until a purchase happens. Do you want to be first or second when search results are pulled…