Possible Windows Live ID bug preventing http://webmaster.live.com signup

Thanks to Nataliya for sending the email. Look like there is a possible Windows Live ID bug which we are looking into when trying to sign up for http://webmaster.live.com, you have to sign up for a Windows Live Id, so it seems the sign up process is being a bit problematic and asking for 8…


BlogHer Business Conference 2008 NY

Today starts the BlogHer Business conference 2008 here in NY It’s a pretty small group of women but seems pretty influential. I started the day meeting with Nelly Yusupova. So she’s totally cool, and she comes from the former Soviet. Well technically I am too, but I was born in Iran, though I am Armenian….


Creation of http://www.LivewithAni.com

So you are probably wondering why a new blog? Well, it’s simple, since I become the Senior Product Manager for http://Webmaster.Live.com, I wanted to run a test case to see if I can use all the tools out there and learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using public knowledge to rank better organically when people search…


setup your own ‘Become a Fan’ page on Facebook!

Okay so after a long time I have finally joined Facebook, and now it is time to for me to expand my wings and write my own ‘Become a Fan’ page on Facebook, so now here it is! I have created the ‘http://Webmaster.Live.com’ page, I like it, but do you?   So go check it…