New to SEO and webmaster tools?

So as you may have already heard/red I have changed roles. In my new role I will be focusing on SEO and Webmaster tools. You can ready more about it here.

So I thought I would blog everywhere I go and the things I hear and learn from people to help the reader learn the new things as I do regarding SEO and webmaster tools. So this week I am SMX West 2008 in Santa Clara, CA attending sessions, meeting people and will be in the Microsoft booth.

If you are at the conference stop by the Microsoft booth and say hello to me. Otherwise I always welcome comments. Oh and I signed up on facebook and twitter. I never thought I would, really! But seems everyone is there. My twitter name is Siroon, look me up 🙂

So look out for "New to SEO?" in my title of blogs to follow and learn what I learn about SEO. 🙂

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  1. ipergmc says:

    Hope to learn more to improve my sites

  2. ryan.culling says:

    Well, I already learned something new! You seem pretty knowledgeable about seo, so i guess I will poke around a little more.

  3. Svari says:

    In my opinion, the main thing in SEO is not to make the process to complicated, but just focus on fundamentals (f.e. headers, keyword density, link building).

    And of course every webmaster should know the basics of SEO, without it you will loose. 🙂

    Google analytics, google webmaster tools are really helpful in these processes.

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