XAMLChick on the move to SEO and webmaster land…

What do SEO, webmaster tools and I have in common?

Well I have taken a new role with the Live Search team and will be focusing on the Search Engine Optimization and webmaster tools. This will be a little stretch for me, since it will be out of my normal Developer technologies, but I will be working with technologies on the Web still which is where I am most comfortable. I love the opportunity to work with this team. Some of the people I have worked with before and others are new.

For those of you hearing SEO or Webmaster tools for the first time here is a bit of background and definition. With search now driving more than 30% of all traffic to many websites, the answer to this question could have a significant impact on your business.

If you’re still wondering what SEO is you can read more about it here.

I am just thrilled and very excited to be working with this team. This is an arena which is very valuable I feel for the future of online commerce and social networking which has been picking up. I look forward to the new audience and people I will meet and help while in this role.

For those of you wondering who will take over my Developer Identity (CardSpace, ADFS, etc.) duties, well the team I was a part of is doing a fantastic job bringing that together. So stay tuned to hear more about SEO and Webmaster tools!

As a way to start driving more traffic to your website you can go to: http://webmaster.live.com/ to sign up for the webmaster tools Beta program! You can also look at the Webmaster blog page and read more about how to make your websites more discoverable.

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