new Zunes, small, large and cooler colors

You know I thought the new Zune's would be cooler 🙂 Well they kinda are, I wish they would be touch screen, and I hope the software is updated. 

So this last weekend I used my Brown Zune quite a lot driving thru the Olympic Peninsula. A really beautiful part of Washington by the way. But the user experience is disappointing at times. Here is a list of things I like and don’t like about the current Zune.


1.     30 Gigs,

2.     Great screen,

3.     FM radio

4.     FM Radio synch works really well.

            Don’t Like (Could customer support be Zune’s biggest selling point?) so maybe my don't like list will shrink when the new software is available for my Zune (hey Apple didn't do this for their older iPods):

1.     When I remove a song that’s playing from the playlist it stops playing the song (bummer wish it didn’t do that).

2.     It would be great to view all albums from the same artist in the same location. What I mean by that is if I am inside of an album, and I come out and want to sort thru my list of CDs or songs based on the artist I already am looking at I want to be able to do that. 

3.     I have to wait for the screen to go back to the song that was playing; there is no button I can press.

4.     Synch is not very self explanatory and the user Experience is hard. Myself and a person who works for Microsoft Research worked on the synch component for 25 min. to get it  to work properly.  It would be hard to explain it to my mom for sure.

Well maybe the new ones will address some of my Don’t like list J Anyway here is the article.

By the way a little bit of gossip, this was not supposed to release till Midnight EST of Oct 3rd.        

Microsoft has unveiled the second generation of Zune digital music players and will offer consumers 1 million unprotected songs on its online music store.

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it will offer three new models of the Zune in November, including two equipped with flash memory. The 4GB and 8GB versions are iPod Nano look-alikes that will sell for a suggested retail price of $149 and $199 respectively. An 80GB player equipped with a hard drive will sell for $249. The pricing scheme for the devices exactly mirrors that of Apple's iPods. More...

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  1. Zebb says:

    I can’t wait for the new zunes to come out, and especially the upgraded firmware/software for both the old and new zunes.

    Pretty sweet that Microsoft actually thought about early adopters and took the time to make sure the software and features had backwards compatablity.

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