Enterprise (E-SSO) with Mobile Devices

Microsoft, Avaya, Sprint and Ping Identity come together to discuss E-SSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On) over Mobile Devices. In this panel each discussed the importance of having a mobile solution for identity. Frank Chang also demonstrated a scenario of what Microsoft might be looking at as a solution. This was a great panel with over 40 people present it was one question after the next from the audience about how Avaya, Ping, Sprint and Microsoft would solve the mobile identity issue.

In many ways people wanted to know how the multiple devices and one identity problem would be solved? Which really was a great place for Windows CardSpace, but we do Federated CardSpace Cards exist asked Avaya from Microsoft. The notion of being able to have one identity that can be used by many and remote-ing identity is a pain that we all really need to look at more closely was pointed out by the audience.

But then came the question about enterprise. For most enterprises they are the center of their own universe, is what Avaya said.

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  1. Single sign-on (SSO) is a method of access control that enables a user to authenticate once and gain

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