This whole Tag game…

Okay so there is a Blog chain letter thing going around called Tagging. Apparently when you get tagged you have to confess 5 things people don't know about you so here goes:


1.      My family and I migrated here from Iran and I am Armenian. I speak Armenian and Farsi, since I was little. English is a second language for me. Is it a wonder I struggle?

2.      I have a stutter. I have been stuttering since I was 5 and have done so thru my life since then. Sometimes it goes away, other times it come back, but the funny thing is I stutter on words like “Google”, “Developer”, “Visual Studio” and my last name J I think that is the funniest of them all. In case you don’t know what stuttering is, or wonder who the famous stutter’s are you can find them here:  (you might know of few of them)

3.       I love snowboarding and my favorite place in the world to snowboard is: Steamboat, CO J

4.      I lived in Switzerland with my family for 2 years when I was little.

5.      I am working on completing my first book! Stay tuned for more about what it is about, but the great news is, It is all for women by women to enhance and enable more women into the technology arena. One of my life long goals.

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