Crazy Ideas! Post your million dollar idea – or not!

There is nothing like being stuck in airports and going for long drives to make me think out of the box… So here I am stuck in the car for 2.5 hours and I am thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have software on my phone that would:

Ø  Show me TV and news about Denver

Ø  Read the wall street for me

Ø  Play my books on CD

Ø  Read my emails and I can speak back the responses and be able to forward them, reply to them or do what is necessary.

Ø  I could records pod casts or dictate blog postings (which by the way would help me post more often)

Ø  I could have a puzzle or word game I could play with voice commands which would keep me engaged so I don’t get bored

Ø  Mostly my parents would track me and know I am fine and traveling from Seattle to Portland, kind of a homing device which I can turn on when I want to be found and turn off, if I want to remain undetected.

Ø  I can watch my pre-recorded missed TV shows which my recorder catches on my cell phone! Perhaps not very safe but it would make the time go by!



As you can see the list goes on! Any of these idea would make millions right? J Well what if you web-people began helping me write some of these as small projects. Would anyone be interested?


If enough people respond, we could host a site where you can upload these services to, so we can all have better travel experience and we cans hare the code with each other. Come on web-people, what do you think? Post your thoughts!

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  1. faux_amis says:

    hi nice toughts but whateva you’ve said its not really big deal to implement, as far as its implementation goes most of the things are already done by otherz n these are in market person like me can do a few of ’em certainly. but if you want to sell that thing out then it has to be in proper presentation form you know what i mean. i mean you can’t just email an exe to some person without any authentication.

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