C’mon, all your Friends are Doing it

A bunch of the guys on the team I work for have been starting up blogs.  I started feeling left out,
which made me very angry.

It appears all blogs start with "Hi, I'm a developer who does X and I'm going to talk about Y and maybe Z."
It's all part of Microsoft's new image -- we're transparent now.

Transparency's good, right?

Go down to your local German car dealer, or, if you own a newer German car, go out to your driveway.  Shiny, pretty, isn't it?  Open the hood.  Look at that -- a big, fat, intake pipe that goes into a big box that says "BMW" in a 4" Century Gothic font.  Cool.  Now pop that plastic thing off the top.  Go ahead, I dare you.  Not so pretty now.  Look at all those wires and tubes.  Look at all that stuff you could cut yourself on.  That's why that plastic thing is there; it makes owning all that power a little less scary.

Some of us spend all our time under the shiny plastic thing, hands full of wires and tubes and spark plugs.  That'd be me and some of my less 'transparent' friends, working on the instrumentation and data collection engine in the profiler.

Of course, with great power, comes great potential for disaster.  Some day you'll have your turn with the profiler.  Trust me, something's always too slow.  If it works, great.  If you find yourself upside down in a ditch, tell us, we want to know where we need to cover up the sharp edges.


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