FREE ALM Webcast Series in November/December

Application Lifecycle Management is about managing the lifespan of your applications with a set of processes and tools that integrate team members and activities. Visual Studio 2010 focuses on further enhancing the flow of information across your team and improving software quality.  Microsoft invites you to participate in a five part webcast series designed to…


Some Great FREE Windows Phone and ALM Sessions coming to IL, IN and WI in November!

Successful Agile ALM Using Modern Techniques. – Fast. Forward. Thinking. In this free seminar, we will explore how to leverage Application Lifecycle Management in an Agile environment. Join us as we dive into Microsoft’s tools, the basics of Scrum, emergent architecture and Agile testing. Centare’s panel of experts will provide a beginning to end overview…


What I am Chattering about Lately (and REPEATEDLY) on Twitter Lately

In case you haven’t heard, I am ALL OVER social networking.  If you follow my personal account, it’s full of cooking stories and food pics, DIY and crafting advice, My Fluevog shoe obsession, cute pictures of my dog, cute pictures of OTHER people’s dogs and tech stuff.  Maybe not your cup of tea, cause you…


These are a few of my favorite things… by which I mean Windows Phone Mango updates!

If you’re picturing me dancing around a huge bedroom in a long white governess’ nightgown (a la Julie Andrews in A Sound of Music) you’re not far off!!  So like everyone else, I have been waiting with bated breath for the Windows Phone update called Mango.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my original Windows…


Another Tech Conference in Chicago this Summer? YES! Check Out TechWeek RIGHT NOW

It seems lately it’s hard to keep up with all the conferences.  Whether your bag is Windows, Windows Phone, Web, Azure, there is something going on for you lately.  Running through next Friday, July 29th is TechWeek in my very own home town of Chicago, IL. TechWeek is a week of conference, expo and events…


Windows Phone Accelerator Labs Coming to Chicago and Dallas in May

  Do you have the next million dollar idea that you just can’t find the time to finish? Do you already have an app for Android and iPhone that you want to expand into new markets? It’s time to turn your napkin sketches and leverage your hard work into real, sellable apps for Windows Phone…


PDC Sold Out in Record Time, Now What? Join us for a Recap!

So PDC was a bit smaller this year due to being held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond Washington this fall.  As expected, it sold out quickly and we have a LOT of disappointed folks who would love to see and hear what happened, maybe even get in on some of the hands on labs….