Supporting Database Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010 and TFS

I bet you didn’t know you could do a LOT of your database activities from within Visual Studio? What, you did? Maybe…  but did you know you can use Team Foundation Server with it too? Yeah!  Source control, work item tracking, build, and more.  All of this in addition to the comparison tools, data generation,…


Indianapolis TFS User Group Discusses TFS 2010 Scrum Template on April 6th

So you’ve probably heard about this little thing called Agile development. You may have even tried it.  Did you know that we have several templates for Team Foundation Server that support agile teams?  Join us in Indianapolis on April 6th to learn more about the new Scrum template for TFS 2010 from someone using it….


TFS Product Team Coming to Chicago/Milwaukee in April to talk TEE

So maybe you’re interested in Team Foundation Server for source control and build but you’re a Java person thinking “what could a Microsoft tool offer ME?”. Or you work on a Mac, or a Linux or Unix box and assume “I can’t possibly get use out of this thing if I’m not running a Windows…


FREE Live Roadshow – Using the Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools to Improve Your Software Lifecycle Management

Come join Microsoft and Notion Solutions as we present the latest tools and techniques for managing your software process to attain quality software using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools provided with this release.  These new tools provide significant value beyond what is available with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System…


This Social Networking Thing ::sigh::

So some of you may have been going “Hey Angela, What GIVES??” You never seem to blog anymore.  And maybe, just MAYBE you even thought I had stuff worth tuning in for occasionally.  Well, here is the deal.  I have a serious case of social networking fatigue. I am involved in, and in some cases…