Live Webcast: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for C++ Development Teams

Accentient is covering a really unique and sought after topic next month, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for C++ Development Teams.  If you thought ALM and TFS was just for managed .NET code, think again!  This webcast will be delivered on Nov. 4th at 10am Pacific time.   Featured Products/Topics: Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™,…


PDC Sold Out in Record Time, Now What? Join us for a Recap!

So PDC was a bit smaller this year due to being held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond Washington this fall.  As expected, it sold out quickly and we have a LOT of disappointed folks who would love to see and hear what happened, maybe even get in on some of the hands on labs….


Microsoft Presents: The Full Testing Experience

Meeting New Business Challenges with Dynamic Quality Assurance We all know that Quality matters. It’s a top of mind issue for every business, but delivering quality software has always been a daunting task. Often times quality is cut short by project time overruns and multiple rework cycles between development and QA that seem to go…


Rebooting the Indianapolis Area ALM/TFS/Visual Studio User Group!

  So the user group around TFS kind of petered off last year.  Now that 2010 has been released, and we have a WHOLE MESS of cool new stuff to offer anyone involved in designing, building or testing software, we wanted to reboot it with a fresh new start.  More details on our first meeting,…


Girls in Tech Chicago Meets Again in November!

Now before you go running off thinking, “wait, I’m not a developer, or some crazy computer hacker, this doesn’t apply to me!” ask yourself: Do I use a computer, or want to, at my job? Do I have a passion for technology, whether it is programming SQL databases or using Twitter on my mobile phone…