Wanna See the VSTS 2010 Architect Tools LIVE and IN-PERSON (in Chicago)?

Hope you can join us for a look at the VSTS 2010 Architecture tools. I am personally extremely excited about these tools, as someone who used to have only Visio for Enterprise Architects in her toolbox. I especially love the reverse engineering of UML diagrams from existing code and the ability to reject code that violates defined architectural design rules. Yes, I am totally serious, we really will have all of that!

Come on down to the Aon center, enjoy some free pizza and giveaways, and see Chris Kadel show off what is new and cool for architects in the next big release of Visual Studio for Architects. And for the record: No, I still don’t know when it will be released 🙂


Time period: 7/23/2009 5:30 PM till 7/23/2009 8:00 PM CST

Location: 200 East Randolph, 2nd Floor. Chicago. United States

Registration: https://www.usergroupsupportservices.com/UGEventView.ugss?EventID=7133


Description: Chris Kadel from Polaris Solutions will speak on the new Architect Tools included in VSTS 2010. These tools have undergone amazing transformations in the 2010 release which will make them indispensible for solution and enterprise architects. This session will involve an overview and demonstration of the Team System 2010 architect tools with a practical focus on how you can actually use these tools to create value in your organization.

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