THRIVE for Developers NOW LIVE!

Lately we seem to be launching a ton of great new campaigns for students, small business, and now our IT Pro community.  And given how hard the economic changes of late have hit everyone I know in the IT community (among other places), this is a refreshing bit of good news.  Here’s a little more about Thrive:


We’ve heard from lots of developers that times are tough. You’re doing more with less, applying your skills more broadly, and maybe even learning new tools. That’s why we created Thrive – a one-stop community hub that offers job postings, technical content, and community resources. So whether you’re seeking new ways to differentiate yourself on the job, or you need to re-tool your skills for that next big role, Thrive has the resources to help you get there faster. 

Advance your Career

  • Industry and career resources designed to help developers land a  new job  (i.e. training and certification, tips and tricks from,
  • Community member insights on career strategies
  • Search functionality for thousands of developer job openings across the US (powered by

Enhance your Skills – Web and Client Development

  • Best of class resources outlined in a step by step format to help developers ramp on new tasks faster, saving time and money
  • Product offers, training and certification discounts to get up to speed on MS tools and technologies quicker

Connect with your Community

  • User groups and MS dev events search functionality
  • Blogs feeds as well as industry leaders in the Web and client space
  • Community leaders share their insights on success strategies handling the downturn.  (i.e. “Development in a Downturn” podcast series delivered by .NET Rocks and “Insider Advice” corner highlighting community content around “Thrive” related topics of career, training and community)

Visit the main Thrive site here:

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