VSTS Rangers Released Team Test Quick Reference on CodePlex!

Ever get bogged down trying to find ANYTHING advanced regarding Visual Studio Team Test on-line?  Nope? Yeah, it happens, there is a lot out there to trudge through. Well, our illustrious VSTS Rangers have released this handy guide on CodePlex to help you find your way!  Check it out, and be sure to give feedback and help this guide grow.  http://vstt2008qrg.codeplex.com/


Inside this handy guide you will find great tips and tricks like:

· How do I store test results somewhere other than TFS?

· How to test rig machines talk to eachother?

· How does this feature work under the covers?

· How can I implement a workaround for this missing feature?

· This is a known bug and here is a fix or workaround.

· How do I troubleshoot issues I am having?

· And much, MUCH more...


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