Cool Site I should Have Already Known About

We do have a TON of great stuff out there, and I do constantly hear from my customers that it's hard to know where to look.  Too bad there is not a great search engine out there you could use against MSDN ;)  Yeah, I know, that still only does so much for you.  Well, as I find more cool articles, videos and sites, I plan to keep sharing them out with the world. 

Here is one I ran across today while looking for some VS Shell development resources.  The Visual Studio Gallery Site!  Find all kinds of super cool gadgets, custom controls, helpers, wizards etc here.  Some are free, some are for sale, but there is definitely no shortage of things to make your life as a developer more fun, easy, exciting, productive, etc.  One of the best features is a summary of how current it is, how many folks have downloaded it, and star ratings! There is even a set of videos to help demonstrate some of the functionality before you go to the trouble of downloading anything.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Personify Design TeamSpec™ provides a rich project requirement management experience directly inside Microsoft Word. By making Team Foundation Server (TFS) project artifacts such as Scenarios, QOS Requirements, Risks, Issues, Bugs, Tasks, among others, first class citizens inside Microsoft Word, TeamSpec enables Application Lifecycle contributions by the Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Executive roles.
  2. Team Foundation Sidekicks applications suite includes Code Review Sidekick, Shelveset Sidekick, Labels Sidekick, History Sidekick, Workspace Sidekick and Status Sidekick in uniform GUI stand-alone application, and Visual Studio Integraton Package providing VS integration for Code Review Sidekick as well as additional features such as Search Items dialog, dynamic History and Build Type editing.
  3. InnerWorkings Developer was designed to radically transform how software developers learn. It offers developers a versatile practice-based learning environment that is fully integrated with Visual Studio. The advantages are numerous – developers learn by writing code, get instant feedback on their solutions, and work at their own pace, online or offline. Help is provided in the form of links to useful articles and Safari Books Online, as well as through a dedicated Personal Tutor service. Developers can also access our extensive library of proven code samples which is fully indexed for easy code search and retrieval.
  4. TeamLook is a convenient software project dashboard that enables all stakeholders in a software development project to communicate and collaborate on Visual Studio 2005 Team System projects from within Microsoft Outlook.  TeamLook offers stakeholders a familiar user interface, tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, for managing Work Items, viewing Reports, and contributing to the overall project.

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