Missed the WomenBuild workshop at PDC?

What is WomenBuild?

- Designed to address how do we attract and grow Women in Technology through creative out-of-the- box thinking

- A place to brainstorm solutions on how we can make technology and a career in technology more accessible to women. 

- Combines personal interaction and networking with the use of LEGO® Bricks as a conceptual modeling tool, part of the LEGO® Serious Play Program (LSP).

- A great way to build bridges to solutions with a passionate and creative community of people who care to “pay it forward”.

- FREE to anyone registered for MDC ($99 registration fee).  

Take aways for attendees:

- Discuss how we can empower women with technology. Discussion will continue on Facebook

- Pay it forward. Drive awareness and sensitivity that this is a problem that exists in our industry and our industry cares – pay it forward.

Both men and women are welcome to attend this Lego Serious Play workshop, networking oasis and multimedia presentation held at the MSDN Developer Conference.


Register for WomenBuild via MDC using this code: MDCWIT. $99

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