I’m totally getting a mohawk! OK, just kidding…

So Microsoft has videos we see when we first start that talk about how Microsoft embraces our individuality.  I was skeptical.  Until I saw this on Channel 9 today.

Jillian Venters is a technical editor for ASP.NET within the developer division, editing documentation for Visual Web Developer to ensure all text and copy is clear and concise.  With a diverse background in games and music engineering, Jillian is another fantastic example of how you can have a happy and successful career at Microsoft without being a hard-core programmer or developer.  But, even more interesting (at least for Ritzy) is that Jillian is a full-fledged Goth.  Click here for more on this story: https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/WM_IN/Jillian-Venters-A-Goth-inside-the-Deathstar/ 

Now, what COLOR to make my liberty spikes.  Hmmmm...

Video Here:
Jillian Venters - A Goth inside the Deathstar

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