Have You Checked Out Thirsty Developer Lately?

Some good friends of mine here at Microsoft, Dave and Larry, have a great pod-cast called Thirsty Developer.  They cover all kinds of great developer-centric topics, and manage to nab interviews with some seriously cool people, well cool in the IT world anyway 🙂  This latest show finds Larry at the QAI Quest conference with me in Wheeling Illinois, where he got some time to sit down with Ed Glas.  Ed Glas is a program manager on the Visual Studio Team System product team, based in Durham, North Carolina.  This interview is a high level discussion of load testing for web applications using Visual Studio Team Test, with some tips and tricks, best practices, as well as some great "war stories".


Take some time to listen to this great interview.  And don't forget to subscribe to their RSS feed and listen to all of their pod-casts!  They are giving away another Zune, and all you need to do is let us know how you think we are doing.

Submit your feedback and your entry for a custom Zune80.

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