ArcReady – Coming to a Town Near YOU in May

ArcReady – Architecting for Scalable and Usable Web Applications

Session 1: Architecting for Scalable Web Applications

In this session we will explore the patterns that typical applications follow as their scalability needs grow due to increased demand.  We will also discuss best practices from companies that have gone up the scalability curve like, MySpace and Flickr.  We will discuss the common bottlenecks that prevent scalability as well as how to tackle tough issues like state management in a application that is scaled across servers and even data centers.  We will also discuss the “scale later” philosophy and how it should be accompanied by a solid plan to scale your applications.

Session 2: Architecting for Usable Web Applications

In this session we will discuss how to architect your application with the user in mind.  We have more choices than ever before for developing applications (Traditional Web Apps, AJAX, RIA technologies like Flex and Microsoft Silverlight and even smart clients) and picking the technology is only part of the solution.  The architecture of the application must be designed correctly to provide a pleasing user experience and (potentially) to add new and interesting clients in the future.



Architects and Senior Developers who are interested in becoming an architect.



Events are held in 14 cities across Central Region.  To register for this event, please visit

April 29   Columbus, OH

April 29   Kansas City, KS

April 30  Cleveland, OH

May 1      St. Louis, MO

May 6      Austin, TX

May 7    Southfield, MI

May 8      Minneapolis, MN

May 13    Indianapolis, IN

May 14   Downers Grove, IL

May 15   Milwaukee, WI

May 15    Houston, TX

May 20   Dallas, TX

May 20    Nashville, TN

May 21    Cincinnati, OH

June 11 Chicago, IL



      9:00am – 11:45am  (Continental Breakfast will be provided)


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